Technology Vision

Technology companies are driven by technology differentiation.  The greater the differentiation, the larger the market advantage.  Masterful Inc. works with companies to maximize the value of existing intellectual property by finding new and innovative ways to apply your technology to the market. This usually takes one of three forms:  innovative application of existing technology, creation of completely new intellectual property, or integration with third-party technologies that create strong differentiation.
In the first case, Masterful Inc. looks carefully at your existing IP to identify any unfulfilled market opportunities.  Each opportunity represents potential untapped revenue.  Using thorough market research and a deep understanding of the IP, we expose non-obvious technology relationships and applications in parallel industries or markets.  We then develop a plan for successfully entering this market in a way that generates revenue, expands the product line, and increases the value of the underlying intellectual property.
In the second case, Masterful Inc. works with key members of your technology team to develop new intellectual property.  Typically, this IP combines with original corporate IP to solve additional market problems or to open entirely new markets.
Finally, we. examine the market for synergistic opportunities to combine corporate intellectual property with other third-party technologies to create unique market value.  When such opportunities are found, our team works with you to create OEM agreements or strategic partnerships that lead to incremental revenue.

No matter what technology path we recommend, our goal is straight forward - to leverage your existing technology in new and innovative ways and to uncover new sources of revenue potential for your company.