Our strategic marketing services aren't just another expense item with intangible ROI. Rather, our strategic marketing team and the resulting intelligence feeds our business development team with critical information that accelerates our team's ability to close multii-million dollar deals that positively impact your bottom line.

The first step to developing profitable business development relationships is to understand your market(s) and the competitive dynamics at play in those markets. 

We then conduct a very focused analysis of each market segment we collectively determine has potential for our clients – using an analysis process that is unique to Masterful, Inc. We review your existing and/or potential market segments to provide you with:

  • Market Category and Market Segment Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast Analysis
  • Customer Drivers
  • Market Drivers
  • Technology Trends
  • Market Trends
  • Vendor Strategies
  • Vendor Overview
  • Profiles of Potential Partners

The bottom line is that our research allows us to very quickly determine which market segments are best suited for partnership activity,

and which vendors in those markets have a need for, or can benefit from, integrating your product or technology into their market offering. 

And, as important, we can very quickly determine what vendors are not good candidates for business development relationships. 

This allows us save you from wasting time chasing after a partnership that will never lead to significant revenue.

Our strategic marketing efforts are geared toward one thing – finding you the right business development and OEM partners

who will add incremental revenue to your bottom line.