Generating revenue is the cornerstone of any successful business. There are many ways to go about this. Most companies are familiar with a direct sales model and are very comfortable selling through a channel by utilizing resellers and distributors.  But there is a tremendous amount of revenue which can be generated from customers who re-brand (private label) or take your product and/or technology and integrate it into their offering as part of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationship. These deals are usually multi-million dollar relationships that have a selling life of 5+ years.

Our goal is to identify partners and structure contracts and agreements that enable your company to capture incremental revenue and value that is consistent with your internal strategy.  These are typically incremental sources of revenue which help you exceed your annual quota and help you become the "hero" to your board and investors.

A key component to our success is our ability to with your internal team from an operations perspective to execute and manage the relationship on an ongoing basis. As part of our proven formula, we:

  • Provide you with a “strategic selling road map” for the accounts we work with and identify the key executives inside the target account. We also uncover the "political" and corporate relationships and determine decision makers inside those accounts.
  • Create and own quarterly account plans and collaborate with these accounts to incorporate their purchasing, sales and go-to-market plans
  • Develop shared revenue (tactical execution) plans and develop joint go-to-market plans, joint press releases, solutions and joint product positioning, and deliver reference documents (white papers, presentations, etc) that are of value to both you and your customer
  • Work in conjunction with our strategic marketing and technical team, to execute strategies that block competitive advancements into key accounts and maximize your market share
  • Communicate short, mid and long-term growth and account penetration strategies, and develop sales programs to drive field execution
  • Define programs for the field to deploy and monitor performance for accountability, and act as the focal point inside your company to uncover joint field sales issues specific to your partner or OEM channel
  • Forecast sales by product and market segment and provide your sales team with critical business visibility and overlay/partner selling opportunities

And because we have years of experience in cultivating high profile business development relationships, our contacts are with high level executives, board members, seasoned venture capitalists and strategically placed decision makers in many of technology companies we work with including Intel, Cisco, IBM and many others.

To our business development team it's all about focus, execution, and revenue.  It's really that simple.