Strategic Marketing We provide a unique blend of market and competitive analysis with one goal in mind: to quickly uncover the best partnership opportnities for your company. Our strategic marketing services aren't just another expense item with intangible ROI. Rather, our strategic marketing team and the resulting intelligence feeds our business development team with critical information that accelerates our ability to close multii-million dollar deals that positively impact your bottom line.

Business Development Our business development professionals work to uncover and close revenue producing relationships for your company. These relationships may be OEM, strategic alliances, partnerships, channel sales, or joint marketing agreements. These activities generate significant revenue, enhance share holder value, and increase visibilty for your company in the market. We have a proven track record of consistently executing to plan that can significantly change the future of your company.

Technology Vision Our visionaries enable companies to maximize the value of existing intellectual property by finding new and innovative ways to apply technology to the market. In conjunction with our strategic marketing and business development teams, we are able to identify opportunities to extend the value and reach of your technologies. This can take one of several forms: innovative application of existing technology, creation of completely new intellectual property, or integration with third-party technologies that create strong and competitive differentiation.

Executive Placement Finding a key employee, especially a C-level, vice president, or director can be a time consuming exercise. Our executive placement professionals, with their extensive contact list, take this burden off of your shoulders. We help you find the perfect individual that matches your professional, technical, and corporate requirements.