Case Study - Technology and Market Vision

Technology and Market Vision

A large network and security hardware and software vendor had a software product that had not gained acceptance in the market. The client wanted to understand why the product was doing poorly, what features the product was lacking in order to be competitive, and how to position the solution to the target audience in order drive product sales.


  • The company retained Masterful Inc., to analyze the market situation and to provide a solution that would increase product sales.
  • The analysis revealed that the product was extremely difficult to use and this usability issue was acting as a barrier to customer adoption. Discussions with the client's sales and systems engineering professionals revealed previously undisclosed product interface, feature and design problems.
  • Masterful created a revised Product Requirements Document (PRD) that reflected the changes that would be necessary to solve the design and user interface problems and gained executive approval to implement the changes by working through the company's design review process.
  • Masterful led a software design and engineering effort to add the new interface functionality to the product while adding several new core product capabilities to enhance product value.


  • Masterful validated the redesigned product with the sales and systems engineering teams.
  • The product was reintroduced to the market and met immediate widespread acceptance.
  • Sales of the software product have had the added desired effect of leading to significant additional product sales.