Case Study - Strategic Technology Integration

Strategic Technology Integration

A two-year old venture capital funded start-up needed assistance to accelerate adoption of their security technology by OEMs. The client needed to identify and close a multi million dollar OEM deal that would result in a private label hardware and software solution that would validate their solution to the market and influence direct customers.


  • The Masterful team provided OEM sales expertise and strategic marketing and positioning expertise to at this revolutionary new and unknown security hardware and software manufacturer.
  • Successfully introduced our client to key decision makers at many leading technology companies including Cisco, IBM, Extreme, Intel, Nortel, Secure Computing, Symantec and others.
  • Launched the OEM solution to the partners' sales and support teams worldwide
  • Managed press and analysts activities to maximize visibility for the client and to enhance industry exposure and market awareness of the solution


  • Determined the optimum OEM partner for our client which met synergistic product and strategic goals and closed the OEM deal in under 9 months
  • Worked with the partners technical team to determine and specify the integrated product solution
  • Managed all contract negotiations and executive/legal discussions so that our clients revenue and margin goals were met
  • Provided project management expertise to both partner and client engineering teams in order to meet an aggressive development schedule and to ship the product to the market on time
  • Current OEM contract is estimated at $20M in revenue over 4 years with additional product opportunities on the horizon.