Case Study - Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Company is the dominant market leader in a slow growth market segment. The Company
realized that it would need to enter new high growth market(s) in order to grow revenue and
position for an acquisition.


  • Conduct market research to determine high growth adjacent target market
  • Leverage existing core technology platform to develop a new product and market strategy
  • Develop platform and technology roadmap
  • Develop partner strategy and "pitch" to communicate new strategy to analysts, prospective partners and OEM customer prospects


  • Conducted market research and customer interviews to determine 4 recommended markets to target. Sized markets and market potential revenue opportunities (TAM, SAM, SOM) to prioritize targets
  • Conducted detailed account analysis on key target customer accounts (account mapping, etc.) to determine decision makers and strategic direction of the customer
  • Presented recommendations to BOD and executive team. Gained overwhelming consensus on recommended strategy
  • Prepared and delivered strategic presentation to key potential customers, OEM partners and analysts to validate strategy
  • Identified and initiated partnership/acquisition discussions with several potential partners/suitors
  • Company is continuing to successfully implement recommendations and develop to recommended product roadmap