Case Study - Marketing, Technology, and OEM Sales

Marketing, Technology, and OEM Sales

A network security hardware and software company was having difficulty winning sales against a much larger competitor. Over several years, technical advances by their competitors had reduced their competitive advantage. They needed an infusion of new technology that would clearly differentiate their solution, allow them to regain market share, and position them as high-value target for acquisition.


  • The Masterful team performed primary research on the underlying product technologies and technology trends in the market in order to clearly understand the market dynamics.
  • This research led Masterful to create a new product design that was:
    • Easier to use
    • Faster
    • Cheaper to manufacture
    • Higher profit margin
    • More scalable
    • More transparent
    • Based on defensible intellectual property newly developed by Masterful for this specific customer


  • Masterful created a revised Product Requirements Document that reflected the required feature enhancements.
  • The company's product roadmap was changed to reflect a new company direction for their security strategy that was focused around this product.
  • Masterful secured meetings with new potential partners to discuss partnering opportunities.
  • These meetings resulted in a new relationship with a multi-billion dollar partner who was interested in reselling the current product as well as the new product that had been specified by Masterful.
  • The work by Masterful led to an extension of an existing OEM relationship to encompass the new product initiative and significantly increased the Client's product sales.