Danielle Striker, CISSP – President

Danielle Striker has over 15 years of business development partnership sales experience in the internet security and content delivery markets at companies including Intel, NetBoost, iSpheres, AdForce (CMGI) AnswerSoft (Davox), and Infonet, Extreme Networks, CipherOptics, and Mirage Networks.  While at Intel, she was instrumental in creating several joint Cisco/Intel go-to-market opportunities resulting in over $200 million in revenue. Having started her career as a computer systems programmer in 1993, Ms. Striker’s technical knowledge spans the Internet Security, Storage, VoIP and Content Delivery markets.  Ms. Striker is both a Certified Network Engineer and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy has over 18 years of marketing leadership experience in the high technology industry at companies including Symantec Corp., TouchStone Software/Trend Micro, Conner/Seagate, Phoenix Technologies, Stac, Fifth Generation Systems (Symantec Corp.), CipherOptics, Extreme Networks, and Mirage Networks. She specializes in market analysis, competitive research, product and technology positioning, and corporate messaging and branding.  Her methods of comprehensive analysis and review serve as an indispensable foundation and strategic road map for the competitive chess moves that must be made if the company is to be successful as it enters and/or shifts between markets and channels.  Ms. Kennedy’s product and marketing knowledge spans security and anti-virus software, data storage software and hardware, and mobile and wireless markets. A graduate of the University of California at Davis, Susan holds undergraduate degrees in both Economics and International Relations.